About Us

Since 2010 (2K10) JDB Apparel has been a leading
retailer of quality T-shirts, Hats, Fleece, & Formal wear.
The Product Line includes a wide variety of styles, a brilliant
color palette, and multiple fabrications in sizes from 6 months
child to 6XL. Known for color,consistency, quality and last but
not least a message of Inspiration, Faith ,Life and Hope.

JDB Apparel is uniquely tagged everyday street wear.
Our Brand's slogan is "Not Just Fashion...It's A Lifestyle".
Accompanied by "From Da Inside Out"( Joel 2:13-15 -Rend your heart,
and not your garment-kjv.

Make wearing clothing fun, simple but yet elegant...you will have your family,
friends,coworkers asking what's this new phenomenon all about!
A great and effective way of getting the word out to the ends of the earth-
Isaiah 45:22 King James Version (KJV)
22 Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.

Company Overview
Company Profile Summary:

Fashion often goes beyond simply wearing clothes - it can also form identity and lifestyle of s person. This is precisely what an individual will experience when purchasing clothes from JDB Apparel. JDB Apparel (also referred to as "the company") is an online retail store that sells faith centric everyday clothing aimed to uplift, encourage, and spread positive messages of life in the community. The founder and CEO, Cory Brown, is utilizing his clothing line to impact lives and bring positive change to a generation.

Statement Of Problem:

The first problem is there are many individuals who encounter a variety of challenges include being underprivileged, hunger, and homelessness. In other cases it is the everyday individual who deals with poor confidence, depression, health issues, or simply struggles to find their identity. Many of these people are in need of encouragement and uplifting, and knowing that someone is there for them and pulling for them to succeed and overcome their obstacles.

The Solution( Product Summary:

JDB creates clothing with the purpose to breed positivity on the inside of it's customers, while proudly displaying their faith, inspiration and confidence on the outside, it creates everyday clothing that makes a statement for each customers "From Da Inside Out".

The intent of JDB is not merely to create a brand for the sake of trying to be the next Nike, Reebok or Under Armour. Mr Brown's objective is to use his clothing line as a vehicle to impact communities by uplifting those who are hurting or downtrodden. The Company's core belief is that a piece of clothing can speak a million words, and can be instrumental in breaking a person down or lifting them up- which is often the choice of the message a clothing line chooses to make. For JDB, the choice is an easy one. It chooses to focus on positive and inspiring messages that can brighten someone's day or even their life.

Management Summary:

The Current management team consists of the founder/CEO Cory Brown and a handful of employees who are well familiar with JDB products and the plans for the expanded operations. The team and staff will grow in the future once orders and production require additional employee's to maintain work efficiency.
"Not Just Fashion...It's A Lifestyle"




Cory Brown - Founder | CEO

JDB Apparel

JDB apparel takes pride in what we wear, so we treat you, the customer the way we want to be treated. Solely from the perspective of the garments labeling , phrases , fibers , feel and comfort-ability, and we abstain from negative subtle messages that can alter how we think and act as well as what we continue to buy and wear . Just from the simple fact of what logo's , words and designs we put on our garments that may affect you in a negative way...subliminal messages.

Our unique everyday street wear is apparel with a true message, "Not Just Fashion Its... A Lifestyle".
One of our other slogans is that we should represent "From Da Inside Out".

JDB was established in the year of 2010 , (Est .2K10 ) , I, Cory Brown am the  founder/CEO of JDB inc. I am a Canadian born with a Jamaican background. I am a Christian, a believer of JESUS CHRIST. I believe I was given the opportunity to bring something new to the industry, truly impacting lives and changing a generation...without compromise!

My Mission and Vision derives from a number of life experiences and as a young man growing up felt a passion and the need to want to help people who struggled in life struggles in every kind of way imaginable. Be that to feed the homeless, help the underprivileged, childhood friends who struggled with their identity, or just the average Joe or Mary that would cross my path on a daily basis, and would often encounter the individual(s) that would struggle with self-esteem issues, explicit dialogue, or the main and most critical circumstance..would have NO PURPOSE in life. As a result , in 2k10 was inspired in the direction of starting my own productions company in music and recording my own material in the genre of Gospel music, under the umbrella of JDB ministries and Media Arts. Such as drama (mini skit presentations, just to name a few. In which I would share my testimony in the downs and ups of life through music, ministry and drama productions of what I've encountered in a negative and positive way. The brand is not just for the sake of the next big street wear or for a fashion sense..NO..my mission, vision, and purpose is to Impact communities by what we wear on our body's and amongst other forms of services that we use to uplift the downtrodden and hurting. Clothing is just one of them and JDB believes that clothing can speak a million words, and can either break you or lift you up.

"Not just fashion...It's a Lifestyle" - Cory Brown  
"Rend your Heart and Not your garment" -Joel 2:13-15 kjv