3 Steps to Restoration after Adultery

Adultery -

3 Steps to Restoration after Adultery

The WORD by J Grizzy - 3 Steps to Restoration after Adultery

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Finding restoration after adultery is hard, but very important.

It probably started as fun or you were looking for a shoulder to lean on.

Your wife or husband was not there for you when you were crushing on the inside. But the other person was always there for you. They gave you comfort, and one thing led to another.

You thought you could stop.  But now you wish you can go back and change things. You want out. You want to know the right steps to restoration after adultery.

Lust and passion are very intoxicating.

But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart

Matthew 5:28 (KJV) 

It may feel good to the flesh, but adultery will harden your heart, make you feel empty and cause you to draw away from God. As you go deeper into it, you will end up being dead on the inside. Why? Sexual sin is the only type of sin where someone sins against their own bodies.

But here is the thing; you serve a God of restoration. Jesus paid the price on the cross for you. Jesus is ready to forgive and restore you.

Now, there are so many things you will go through because of the wrong decisions you made, but know that Jesus can restore you after adultery because he is the BeSs.

Here are things you need to start off the restoration process;

Take full responsibility for your actions

It may have felt right to go and cheat on your spouse, but the truth is it was a choice you made. Yes, your spouse may have been wrong, but you decided to cheat.

Playing victim will not help. Choose to become better, not bitter by taking full responsibility for your actions.

Come Clean

What you do not know won’t hurt you, the truth is some things always come to light. It is better for your spouse to hear what happened from you than from someone else.

Let them know that you have repented and you are ready to work towards restoration.

Things may not go smoothly for you, but it is better to do the right thing before God. Ask God to give you wisdom during this challenging time.


Adultery - But Back On Track

Cut off Links

You need to cut off links with the other person.

Continuing a wrong relationship is not right; you will only make yourself vulnerable to more temptations.

Just because you are trying to become a better person doesn’t mean that all things will be beautiful. There will be temptations, especially if you are still in touch with the person you committed adultery with, always visit the same wrong places or hang around wrong friends that keep encouraging you to cheat on your spouse. It is okay to cut off those relationships.

Remember, the devil hates marriage because it is a ministry, and an institution started by God. The enemy wants to break marriages, families, societies, churches, and nations.

But you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. Even if you fell down because of adultery, you need to get "Back on Track". Back On Track - song by CEO of JDB inc Cory Brown







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